Saturday, July 24, 2010

Greetings from Pennsylvania!

I'm visiting my parents for the weekend in Pennsylvania. I really love it here (well the Lehigh Valley, anyway) and by the looks of the awesome things I found today, I think it may love me back...

Shopping at the flea markets are on of my favorite things to do. I managed to find some great vintage dresses and 2 pairs of super cute salt and pepper shakers for my collection. The set on the left are actually umbrellas hanging on a rack, they come off to shake your salt and pepper. I kind of had to have them. The hex signs are just a PA thing in general plus I loved the colors and the birds.

I also need to mention that I made a last minute stop to Vegan Treats to pick up something sweet. I really had cupcakes in mind but they didn't have any out so I settled for this cheerful purple cake. I can't wait to dig in! And no, I'm not vegan, but I do make a mean batch of vegan cookies and vegan baked goods are just delicious!!!


  1. Glad you had fun in PA, I haven't been to Renningers in ages but I really wanna go soon! I was driving down 22 yesterday and a Belle and Sebastian song came on my ipod and I immediately flashed back to some trip we took (maybe to Philly?), barreling down 22 in your old red car in terrible weather, blasting Belle and Sebastian, haha. It made me laugh, you made college so fun.

  2. oh gosh, my parents and i were talking about that car yesterday! i miss it. i saw that you and josh got married. congrats!!!

  3. Thanks! We had a great day. Yeah that old car was really awesome, I can't picture you driving anything else. I am in love with this car:, maybe!

  4. those salt shakers are pretty sweet. Which flea market did you find them in?