Sunday, October 31, 2010

Best Friday Ever!

Happy Halloween!

Now that thats out of the way, I need to talk about what happened on Friday. I pretty much spent the afternoon with Kat Von D. She did a book signing at my store which drew in about 400 people. She really is the sweetest person and really loves all her fans. My job was to snap the photo for people as they were getting their book signed. Everyone was so grateful and excited to meet her. She was showered with gifts and handwritten letters. She hugged just about everyone, and when she hugs, she gives a good squeeze, like you're old friends. I was even lucky enough to sit in on her interview before the signing started. She not only signed my books, but my makeup (her line at Sephora)as well. I was pretty much in awe of her all day. BEST DAY OF WORK EVER!

Then within a few hours, it was Halloween Party time! I went as Tippi from the Birds and Mark was Doc Brown from Back to the Future. 

There was also Rosie the Riveter, a zombie Prom Queen, a troll doll, and the many faces of Lady Gaga. What a fun night!

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