Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rainy weekend means internet shopping!

Or maybe internet 'window' shopping. I slept in late today and then felt the urge to check out Urban Outfitters website. They always send me catalogs and it probably is one of my favorite stores to buy clothing from. They have really cute stuff out right now for fall and they always have a pretty decent sale section, which is where I'm most likely to buy from. Some of my favorites right now are these:

I could have sworn that I had little black booties like these already that I bought on eBay last year but I can't find them anywhere! They didn't have the side buckle and they were from the 80's. I do I have brown ones though that look almost exactly like these. I'm starting to think the only reason I like cold weather is so I can wear all my boots. Very sad.

One thing I will be buying this weekend though is my Halloween costume!!! More on that later. I am however looking forward to DC tomorrow. Free museums!

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