Sunday, October 11, 2009

What I'm obsessed with right now

My bff, Gideon, and I have driven past Carol's Western Wear by my house several times and always commented on how much we wanted to go in. Well this weekend we finally did. This place was waaaay cooler than I could have imagined. The staff was super friendly, the John Wayne memorabilia was a plenty, and the cowboy boots came in all shades of the rainbow. I had to stop myself from buying a cute pair of aqua boots....after all, I already have 3 pairs of cowboy boots including these beauties:

An awesome birthday gift from my good friend, Tarah. They have been called my 'Ted boots' by several people. Gideon was lucky enough to come across a gorgeous pair of brown cowboy boots on sale for $49! A steal when the rest in the place were $100 and up. Of course we also checked out the ladies western shirts. A favorite of mine for years but sadly I don't have any at the moment that fit. I used to have some really cute ones that I had thrifted throughout the years. The best ones seam to be made by Panhandle Slim. Heres are some nice ones I found:

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