Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wardrobe Remix

My friend, Mary, said 'Why did you stop doing Wardrobe Remix?" So it got me thinking about it again. Last summer I joined Wardrobe Remix and gave myself the project of documenting all my outfits and sharing it with the group to get feedback, see everyone elses style, and to just have something to look back on later for reference. I did have some rules that I tried to follow and these are actually true for my day to day life.

1. Try not to wear the same exact look twice...unless it really was that amazing and you space it out so its not that noticeable. I always try to accessorize differently so it will look like a completely different look.

2. I always wear the colors that I feel look best on me and my skin tone. You will probably never see me in a flesh tone or orange no matter how awesome it looked on the hanger.

3. If a dress or skirt hits me at an awkward spot, like even an inch too long, I'm not afraid to chop it off and hem it. I think that knowing basic sewing skills is pretty important when you love fashion or love wearing vintage. This also means that you should know your measurements! It really comes in handy when you're buying online. Vintage sizes are different and sellers always post the measurements of the garment instead of a size.

Those are just some, but pretty important ones. It was fun to look back on all my old entries and see what I liked and what I didnt like. Here are some favorites:

A book was also published to show some of the looks from the site. Of course I started after the book was already out but it was still fun to look through it and I recognized some of the girls in it.

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