Saturday, May 22, 2010

Adventures in Pound Cake

I've been on a major baking kick lately. I was determined to make my own pound cake so I bought a cake pan at the thrift store and found a tasty recipe for Chocolate Pound Cake from 'All Cakes Considered'. I found this book at work while on a break one day and the cover was so cute that I had to look inside. (Its true, I judge a book by its cover.) If you're an NPR fan, you might find this interesting but the recipes have been tested and approved by Melissa Gray, the producer of 'All Things Considered'. 

So late last night I attempted to make my pound cake. First of all, I had way too much batter and I overfilled my pan resulting in an oven mess! I somehow managed to save the cake and kept on baking it. I was so tired from cleaning out the oven that I fell asleep without getting it out the pan after 10 minutes of cooling like you're supposed to. Getting up this morning and wiggling a cake out of a pan for 5 minutes is not fun. So needless to say, the top layer stuck to the pan a bit. I'm hoping to cover it with powdered sugar or some soft of glaze or frosting. It doesn't taste terrible though so I guess it's not a complete failure.

In the meantime, I have a fun filled weekend ahead of me. A friend is having a bachelorette party and Handmade Mart in Silver Spring is tomorrow! Can't wait!

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  1. It looks about a million times better than any cake I made would look, if that's a comfort! And I'm sure it was delicious.