Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sunday in Downtown Silver Spring

I had a really fun filled weekend starting with a friends bachelorette party and ending with Handmade Mart in Silver Spring MD. Going to all the local craft shows, I've started to get to know the vendors and I recognize some familiar faces. Its such a great community to be a part of and hopefully one day, I will have a booth at ones of these shows. Until then, I love visiting all the tents and buying cute handmade things from my peers. Some vendors that have stood out to me are B-Kao and FuzzyInk. Brenda Kao makes the cutest dresses and tops I have seen in a while using vintage fabrics. I happened to buy a pretty green one which I wore today. FuzzyInk has an obsession with mustaches that cracks me up. They make fun screen printed tees and plush mustaches. 

While in Silver Spring, I also got to visit Cake Love, a pretty famous bakery in these parts. I tried their red velvet cupcake (of course) and the cream cheese frosting was amazing. 

I also tried my first falafel(?) which was actually pretty delicious. My friend, Gideon, always forces me to try new foods and I'm usually glad that I do afterward.

For a rainy and dreary day, I would say we made the most of it and had a really great time! 

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