Tuesday, April 20, 2010

'I see your true colors...'

In honor of Martha Stewart's color themed show today, I decided to make a post about color. Ever wonder how design professionals choose the fabulous colors for their lines? PANTONE is the leading color specialist. They have a unique color matching system that pretty much helps out the fashion, art, and design industries and makes it possible for us customers to have such lovely and on trend items. Can we say dream job??? 

To see the entire Fall 2010 Fashion Color Report and more information about Pantone, please visit Panton.com. 

Speaking of color, I usually wear lots of it. Although today I decided to go with a very Mila from Project Runway inspired look. Although I am a Seth Aaron fan, I do enjoy her black and white striped aesthetic and I think she is super cute.  

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  1. But this is no help at all in deciding what color to paint my living room. It's a very pressing issue at the moment.