Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Rough Start...

I had a rough start today...woke up with the worst cramps and pretty much wanted to stay in bed all day. I didn't expect to really do much today or get anything accomplished but when I got up this was waiting for me...

Our lovely neighbors brought us brunch! Banana pancakes, omelet, potatoes, fruit, juice, coffee, and a cinnamon roll! It was a delicious surprise. 

I did decide to go out after all. I stopped at the thrift store again and got some more dresses for the that I really adore but pretty much have no use for. It will end up in the shop shortly. 

I also made Funfetti cookies! I love Funfetti cake and cupcakes so I figured the cookies would be just as good and they are so yummy!

 Cannot wait until tomorrow! I get to go bowling and out to dinner with my awesome friends. My good friend is having a birthday and its time to celebrate!

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