Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I've waited a long time...

With the release of Hole's new CD, Nobodys Daughter, coming later this month, I had a craving to watch the MTV Unplugged they did back in 95' and literally got goosebumps. I remember watching this with a friend in grade school when it aired and then rewatching it on a VHS tape over and over. I've wanted to see Hole since I was probably 14 or 15 and it may actually happen now with a 2010 tour. Of course it won't be the real Hole or the 90s' Courtney that I hold so dear to my heart but hey, its better than nothing.

In other tour related news, Lydon's band PIL is touring and will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live this Wednesday night as the musical guest. Very excited for that and the fact that they will be at Ramshead Live in Baltimore May 11. For more info go here. I'm really hoping my husband and I get the chance to go. How could you not want to see this face in person?

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