Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hole at the 9:30 Club

Sunday was the Hole show at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC. Possibly the oddest show I have ever been to but I guess when Courtney Love is involved, you shouldn't expect any less.

Courtney showed up over an hour late. She looked awesome and I was so excited just to be in the same space as her. She rambled on a lot about random things like her Behind the Music on VH1 and people shes slept with. Very entertaining to say the least. Since her band is pretty much a new lineup, they didn't always know older songs and even she was forgetting some lyrics and would ask the audience for help. At one point she let a bunch of people from the front sit on stage for the rest of the show. She forgot her bra for the encore and asked girls if she could borrow theirs. Her assistant, Lisa, stood by her most of the night recording the show on her iPhone. It was kind of annoying to have some random girl in my photos and videos and I'm sure the rest of the audience didn't like her being in the way. Courtney may be crazy but when she played she was awesome and it was a night I'm sure I will never forget. 


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