Friday, June 25, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer loves Nook!

I can't believe I'm actually posting this on here but I am kind of excited about it so here it goes. I work for Barnes & Noble. We have our own ereader out called Nook. It is now available in 2 forms: 1 with 3G and Wifi for $199 and 1 with just Wifi for $149. I've been thinking about getting the cheaper one for obvious reasons and also because of the awesome new covers and accessories that are coming out for Nook.

Jonathon Adler, Lilly Pulitzer, and Kate Spade (just to drop a few big names in the design world) have teamed up with Barnes & Noble to create fun, unique accessories for Nook. If you are like me, maybe seeing these colorful accessories for Nook will make you want to buy one even more.

For more Nook info, visit!

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