Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Style

Vintage, fashion, crafting, design, art, kitsch, retro: these are all things that I'm really passionate about. I have pretty much made it a lifestyle and I like for them to show through the outfits that I choose to wear. I want my style to reflect my personality and the person that I am. I do not like cookie cutter copycats and I strive to not be one. 

My favorite things to wear would have to be vintage day dresses with a fun pattern all over them. I also like a good high waisted belted skirt and lots of vibrant colors. I think pastels look terrible on my skin tone so I usually don't wear them.

Wearing vintage clothing is very much a lifestyle. It makes you shop differently and you become somewhat of a scavenger, always hunting for the perfect find at the perfect price. And in some cases like myself, a love of vintage carries over in your everyday life and become surrounded by old objects to the point where you feel like you're living 50 years in the past. I'm totally fine with this.  

So enough talk, here are some of my favorite vintage pieces that are in my closets that don't get worn nearly enough.

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