Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pile of Craft is no pile of crap...

Pile of Craft was as delightful as every other year I attended, except this year I think it was even hotter! 90 some degrees outside and in an unairconditioned church makes me sweaty and irritable so we kept our visit to a minimum. I got what I wanted (a few things from Giant Dwarf, thanks Sue!) and we took advantage of the free photobooth.

My husband is a real trooper and goes to this craft show with me every year (this time he happens to have a broken arm) so we make it a point to eat at the PaperMoon Diner for lunch (my treat!). I love their crispy chicken wrap and sweet potato fries. So delicious!

Later today we will begin our search for a new car. Mine is on its last leg and it would cost too much to fix it. Besides that, I need to rest up for tomorrow. I get to go to DC and see this lady...

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